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I disappear, a lot.

September 17th
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12:48 am

I have a four page take home test due tomorrow but I’m just here eating turkey wraps and watching anime.

Anonymous: You're such an awesome person! Do you have any plans on going pro?

Ahhh thank you so much for the compliment! Going pro would be pretty amazing because you’re basically just doing what you love at that point. But, as of right now, since I’m not really on a super dedicated team, I’m not wholeheartedly pursuing it.

I’m pretty much just focused on improving as a player and trying to be as entertaining and helpful to the community through my stream.

I hope you have a great day! 

September 15th
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12:33 am

sugar makes me tired

sugar makes me tired

September 14th
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10:15 pm






honestly, this is so important though. at 18, i had been depressed for so long that i was afraid of what would happen if it were to get treatment. “if this part of me goes away, who am i? will i still be the same me?” i was legitimately afraid of getting help for myself. your depression may shape you, but it doesn’t define you.


September 14th
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9:59 pm

September 14th
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9:23 pm
Anonymous: do you have snapchat?

yeah my sc is kehnee

but im warning you now that its just me yelling about anime and games and laughing about my yaoi hands 

September 13th
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6:53 am

Mission complete for S4

Mission complete for S4

September 11th
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8:00 pm

pieces of you
stolen by pieces of

there is a humbling in
nothing I see
I feel you in my presence 
but not in my arms so 
this forever is gone. 

Anonymous: How old are you?

I’m twenty-one, I’ll be turning twenty-two in November.

September 8th
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4:09 pm
Anonymous: You're really attractive. There may be a 12349.69% chance that I'm already in love with you >_> <_<

That percentage seems a bit high. r u ok